Things to do while at Camp Kalbarri

There are many things to do while visiting Camp Kalbarri. You can stay on-site and run your own programs and events, or there are many different tours and activities off-site to have a go at around Kalbarri.

  • Pool table, table tennis table and kitchen servery
  • Welcome to Camp Kalbarri!
  • Dining Hall / Meeting place equipped with tables, chairs, large screen TV and DVD player, and Hi Fi system
  • River views and our oval as seen from the dining hall
  • Beach Volleyball court near Dining Hall
  • Camp Kalbarri has a fleet of mountain bikes for hire to explore the town
  • Inside our dormitories are spaces with bunk beds and supervisors' rooms with single beds
  • Camp Kalbarri dining hall and dormitories
  • Entrance and Car Park at Camp Kalbarri
  • We have facilities to BBQ meals for campers if required

Click here for “On Site” facilities and activities information.

  • Surfing with the dolphins at Jake's Beach
  • Canoe adventures on the Murchison River
  • Rainbow Jungle Kalbarri - The Australian Parrot Breeding Centre
  • Abseiling in the National Park
  • Sand boarding in the dunes near Kalbarri
  • Snorkeling in the clear waters of Kalbarri

Click here for “Off Site” tours and activities around Kalbarri.